Video and Testimonials

Here is what actual clients of MiraVia have to say about our programs:

The program helped build a financial future for my daughter and me. It also helped me prepare to be a better mother by teaching me life skills.

I learned how to be a better parent. I learned about financial tools, how to get out of debt and the things that you need including focus and stability.

I was a resident for 13 months… I completed my Bachelor’s degree… I would not be the parent and woman I am today without MiraVia.

On the day I had to leave my friend’s house and had nowhere to go except back to the homeless shelter with my 2 year old and the baby I carried; God answered my prayers and MiraVia called me. Not only did I have a safe and loving home for myself and my son, but I also had the safe delivery of my beautiful daughter. For this I will always be thankful to God.