What We Do

How does MiraVia help?

When facing an unexpected pregnancy, there are many fears and challenges that can seem overwhelming. Our staff and programs have been helping women deal with these challenges since 1994. Here are some of the most common concerns we have heard over the years by young women who did not expect their pregnancy:

  • I’m just not ready to have a child.
  • How can I afford to have this baby?
  • How do I tell my family and/or friends?
  • What if the father of the baby is not supportive?
  • What if I am considering abortion?
  • How does adoption work?
  • How can I continue my education?
  • Where will I live?

The supportive staff of MiraVia understands very well that each person’s situation is unique. We are here to help every young woman deal with her concerns through our professional, caring and life-affirming programs. These programs are:

College Maternity Residential Program

Residential_FacilityOur state of the art residential facility at the Belmont Abbey College campus provides free housing and support for pregnant college students throughout their pregnancy and beyond. Expectant students from any college or university are welcome to stay at our residential facility up until their child turns two years old while they pursue their academic and personal goals. While they are residents here, they can be enrolled in any local college or university in the surrounding area.

MiraVia provides a supportive environment with all the amenities of campus life so that pregnant students can continue their higher education and their pregnancy. The program includes private living space, meals, professional counseling, limited childcare, life-skills classes and much more for up to two years.

Outreach Assistance Program

Outreach_CenterPregnant women who come to our Outreach Center might not need a place to live, but they simply need support. Our clients receive meaningful, free support through a wide-range of services. After an initial meeting, clients become part of a peer support group that meets every two weeks with experienced, professional staff. Each support group participates in life-skills classes and receives an array of material assistance including diapers, clothing, food and a host of other maternity and baby related goods and furnishings. Mothers also receive much needed help by connecting with other community resources. Clients are welcome to participate in this program for up to a year.